Generalized Anxiety disorder and interventions | Homework Help

Generalized Anxiety disorder and interventions

Paper instructions:
The topic I am using is Generalized Anxiety disorder and the interventions that would help. The main intervention that I would like to concentrate on is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am including the instructions from the professor.

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Generalized Anxiety disorder and interventions | Homework Help
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Mental Health Issue Paper (100 points)
Choose a specific intervention related to individuals with a diagnosis of serious mental illness, depression, anxiety, or dual diagnosis. If you choose one that is discussed in the readings, you must go well beyond the readings in your paper. You can also use an intervention that is not discussed in the readings.
Write a paper that addresses the following questions/points:
a. Description of the intervention (including key components of the intervention and steps to be taken);
b. Goals/targets/ desired outcomes of this intervention;
c. Critical analysis of the research evidence supporting the intervention, indicating where the support is strongest and weakest (which populations e.g. ethnic/racial groups, elderly, teens, men/women, etc.);
d. Outline a fictitious case of a person dealing with the mental health issue and discuss what additional research is needed on the chosen mental health intervention to enhance its level of empirical support and to demonstrate its effectiveness with specific populations outlined in your fictitious case.
Your paper should include detailed attention to at least 5 research articles (original peer-reviewed research studies. You may also include meta-reviews and books). You should have a minimum of 5 references for the paper. Make sure to use the most current research literature available.
The paper should be 5 7 double-spaced pages, using APA writing guidelines. Title page and Reference page do not count toward page limits.


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