Future of Work Exploratory Report

Future of Work Exploratory Report


With the rapid changes in technology and society, today’s graduates need to be prepared to contribute to a dynamic workforce.  This assignment pushes you to explore the skills necessary to excel in a global society by reviewing current literature, analyzing trends, and exploring the possibilities for the future.  You will use your research and analysis to identify the crucial skills that you and your peers must develop in order to be successful and propose recommendations for student support resources that will help you and your peers at Becker College to develop these skills.

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Future of Work Exploratory Report
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Final Report Due: End of Week 7

You may present your findings and recommendations in any format of your choosing with permission from your instructor.  The following components must be included in the final product:

Annotated Bibliography

Draft 1 Due: End of Week 3
Draft 2 Due: End of Week 4

This will include a compilation of at least 10research articles and other resources that address the success skills needed in the current and future workforce.  Annotations should be a concise summary of the information.  All sources must have a properly written APA citation.  See the attached rubric for more details.

Mapping Sources to Agile Mindset

Draft Due: End of Week 5

Based on the sources included in the annotated bibliography, connect specific trends and skills needed to be successful to the elements of the agile mindset.  Explanations of the connections should be included for each source.  Each element of the agile mindset should have a minimum of two (2) resources linked to it.  If appropriate, a source may be linked to multiple elements of the agile mindset.  The connections and explanations can be presented in any format.  See the attached rubric for more details.

Student Support Recommendations

Draft Due: End of Week 6

Make three (3) detailed recommendations for resources, tools, or activities that would help incoming Becker College students to develop skills associated with the agile mindset outside of the classroom.  Recommendations should include an overview of the resource that explains what it is and how it would be implemented, what element(s) of the agile mindset the resource addresses, the specific skills students can develop from the resource, and a rationale for the resource based on the research.  If sources beyond those listed on your annotated bibliography are consulted, proper citations must be included. Recommendations may be presented in any format.  See attached rubric for more details.

Some possible resources, tools, or activities:

  • Training or workshop
  • Seminar or presentation
  • Guest speaker
  • Involvement in an extracurricular
  • Flyer, handout, brochure etc.
  • Awareness campaign
  • Simulation, role-play, or game
  • Mentoring or coaching
  • Website
  • Online materials

Personal Reflection

Due with final report: End of Week 7

Based on your understanding of the needs within the current and future workforce, consider your own skills associated with the agile mindset and how you will need to develop over the duration of your college education in order to be successful in your future.  This reflection may be communicated in any format.

Questions to address:
  • What skills have you already started developing (or have acquired)?
  • What experiences have contributed to developing your current skills?
  • In what areas do you need to develop in order to be successful in your future workplace?
  • What actions will you take to ensure that you develop the necessary skills?
  • How might you apply the agile mindset to your skill development?



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