Fundamental Financial merits


Primary Threads​ require that you answer the questions asked in detail (400 words Max). Discussion posts should be answered with Fundamental Financial merits along with your experiences and opinions.  Please share your experiences and opinions-we will all benefit if you do!  Thank you.   Question 1: Dividends are an important part of Corporate Finance.  They are a massive expense/debt that corporations continuously have to pay.  A) Why do some have a dividend and some do not? B) As an employee, do you prefer to work for a corporation that pays a dividend or not?  Explain. C) As an investor, do you prefer one or not?  Explain. Question 2: 1) Diversification is good for shareholders. So why shouldn’t managers acquire firms in different industries to diversify a company? 2) Your spouse works for Southwest Airlines and you work for a grocery store. Is your company or your spouse’s company more likely exposed to systematic risk? Explain. Question 3: Do you agree that data mining is an important business tool? Why? Discuss the types of information that data mining produces and in what type of circumstance you would advise a company to use data mining.

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Fundamental Financial merits
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