Freytag Analysis

To culminate the lessons over the course of the last few weeks, you will be assigned ONE of the stories included in THIS MODULE to complete a full, critical analysis of the literature.

*Students must choose ONE of the stories provided in the module for their analysis*

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Freytag Analysis
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The worksheets provided, Freytag Analysis Guide and Story Elements and Context Guide, should be used to help guide your analysis. Using the spaces provided in the guides, complete a descriptive, clear analysis of the elements of the story, the Freytag Pyramid for plot progression, and the social, historical, and personal significance of the story.


Project should use at least FIVE sources (biographical, historical, social contexts for the story and the author). DO NOT USE READY-MADE ANALYSIS SITES (e.g. NO Schmoop, eNotes, Gradesaver, etc.). A WorksCited slide should be the last slide of your presentation.

After completing the guided analysis, create a 4-5 slide PowerPoint Presentation that highlights the most compelling aspects of the story.

For example, if after completing the analysis, you feel that the characters, the setting, and the biographical background of the author are the most interesting parts of your analysis, create the short 4-5 slide presentation on those aspects: characters, setting, and author bio.

You may use graphics, videos, links, and any other supplemental material you wish to incorporate into your slide show.

Review the Short Story Analysis evaluation guide for information about how the mini-presentations will be graded.

The assigned stories are as follows:

“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker

“Good People” by David Foster Wallace

“Sweetness” by Toni Morrison

“Wall of Fire Rising” by Edwidge Danticat

“Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

  • Use Powerpoint (click for places to download) to create a short presentation of the most compelling aspects of your analysis
  • Be sure to include a WORKS CITED SLIDE
  • You may choose any compelling points of analysis to present, and you may use any outside media you find helpful in your presentation, e.g. links to biographies or author pages, videos, songs, images, or any other resources that will help present your analysis.
  • Use the dropbox to attach your presentation (ONE SUBMISSION per group).
  • Review the evaluation guide to help you plan your presentation.

Be sure to name your file with your story name. Thank you!



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