Franchising Discussion…
Go to the Franchise Direct (2022) website and click on the franchises to find more information about them.
Specifically, take a look at the different fees a franchisee is responsible for.
Are you surprised at the number of fees and how high some of them are?
Why would a franchisee be okay paying such high fees? What are they getting in return from the franchiser?
I want you to respond to my classmate. less than 100 words
After looking over some franchisee fees, I am not too surprised at how high some of the fees are. I am surprised at how many different fees there are though. There’s a lot to take in when operating a franchise and calculating all the fees allows them to understand how much they need to spend on each fee. I don’t necessarily think franchises are okay with paying all these fees because they pretty much have to if they want to remain operating. However, each franchise pays some of the same fees but they also pay some different fees. For example, Dominos has about 12 different fees whereas Jersey Mikes has 18. It all varies from franchise to franchise.

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Franchising Discussion
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