Foundations of Reflection

  1. Foundations of Reflection: Nature.This course builds a foundation upon which students can understand, appreciate, and interact with the natural world. The cornerstones of this foundation are the scientific method and scientific ethics. The scientific method will be introduced as a tool to examine and reflect upon the world around us. A historical perspective of scientific discovery will be introduced. The scope of that research and the resulting implications will be considered through the lens of scientific ethics. Students will use their knowledge to design and implement an experiment. Course instructors may use examples, case studies, and additional materials pulled from the perspective of their scientific experiences or interests.


  • A reflection about your relationship with Nature. How has your perspective of Nature changed while you were here?  Even if your senior project is not about the environment, can you think of the effect your work / your sponsor / your life as a student has had on the environment?


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Foundations of Reflection
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2- Self





















3- others




4- God:

A reflection about your relationship with God.  Has your perspective / awareness of God / Allah / Yahweh, been transformed during your two/four/six years at this university? Do you see God’s hand in your senior project? In your course work? In your life as a student?


“ Be carful I’m Muslim, I just took this course to complete my degree’s requirements.

I learned about Christianity’s concepts, but AS I SAID ABOUVE I’M MUSLIM “


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