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This is for a High School English paper. I will be adding all the documents needed to complete this paper.Write a FORMAL speech to answer the question.
How do you find your agency in times of adversity?
In other words, what is the importance of staying strong in the face of adversity?
How to Start:
1. Read the Example on page 3.
2. Choose a formal audience. This may be the president or governor, a school
leader, an older family member, a teacher or a coach, a principal or assistant
principal . Anybody to whom you would use a formal writing style to show
3. Plan your FORMAL speech using the guiding questions/outline below.
Question Answer
What adversity (challenges) will you be discussing?
Type answer here!
Why is it important that we stay strong in the face
of this adersity (challenge)?
Type answer here!
What is your THESIS statement?
(1-2 full, clear, sentences that directly state your
position to your audience)
Type answer here!
How has this adversity impacted you?
Type answer here!
How did your mindset change over time as a result
of the adversity?
Type answer here!
Focus on
your growth
How do you find the strength (agency) to keep
Type answer here!
What have you learned?
Type answer here!
Below are different techniques that you can use to
write in a formal style.
Which THREE will you use and why?
● Using a mix of simple and complex
Type answer here!
Writing in a
Formal Style
● Using sophisticated vocabulary.
● Incorporating outside research.
● Incorporating an outside interview.
● Using Ethos, Logos, and Pathos in my own
● NOT using any contractions (“Do not”
instead of “Don’t” or “Can not” instead of
● Writing only in the third person. (No “I
think…” or “I feel…”
● Providing a counterargument to my thesis
● Writing in the present tense
● Using Imagery to interest my audience.
● Providing examples to support my
4. Type your finished FORMAL speech in the box at the bottom of the Task 3
Formal Speech Exemplar
Today, I am here to talk to you about the absolute atrocities I witnessed yesterday, May 4th,
2020, at Inwood Hill Park. I’ll use the words of Governor Cumo when he said in yesterday’s daily
press briefing that “We are individuals who live in a community in the middle of a global
pandemic.” He continued, “Just be responsible and show respect. I don’t think that’s too much for
each of us to ask of one another. That’s a basic common decency in this situation.” I wish I could
have this tattooed on my forehead, but unfortunately all tattoo parlors are shut down until at least
May 15th due to the PAUSE NYC executive mandate. The residents of New York City need to think
long and hard about Cuomo’s words before they step outside— maskless— and socialize with 35
of their closest friends. Just because the weather is getting warmer, it does not mean the virus is
no longer a threat.
Going back to the situation at Inwood Hill Park, I was out yesterday at about 6:00pm for my
evening run. During this critical period of social distancing— all in an effort to flatten the curve— I
run with a mask on. It is uncomfortable and I do feel as though I am suffocating a majority of the
time, but I need to get my exercise in somehow and do want to abide by the general rules of
societal decency and keep my neighbors safe from any particles or droplets that may trail behind
me as I run. That being said, I was appalled at the sheer numbers of people sunbathing, playing
soccer, listening to music, smoking hookah, barbecuing, and chatting with friends, all maskless. If
every time the temperatures rise above 70 degrees people flock to public areas with no social
distancing or mask wearing, we can count on the city continuing this lockdown until at least
September. That is more time people have to remain jobless, more time out of school, more time
vulnerable populations have to live in fear of contracting the virus, and more time quarantined
inside of our shoebox apartments. I ask you, is an hour of sidewalk food and music really worth a
month of continued quarantine? Is a pick up game of football in the park really worth another
month of social isolation? This may be difficult for many to believe, but wearing a mask is about
more than keeping ourselves safe, it is primarily there as a sign of respect to our neighbors,
showing them that we care about their wellbeing and that we are doing everything in our power
to keep them safe.
I do concede, New Yorkers like our freedom. Many of us have immigrated here from
countries that are run by oppressive governments who tell us what we can and cannot do. Many
of us have witnessed firsthand what power hungry regimes look like when they slowly tell us how
we should act and what we should wear. Let me promise you, however, this is not that. When you
wear a mask, you are not doing it to avoid a ticket from the police or to signal respect to
government officials. This is about your elderly neighbor, your bus driver, your cashier at Key
Foods, your super, your babysitter, and anybody else that you care about. Sure, New Yorkers are
known for fiercely defending our independence, but the only thing we should be defending right
now during these precarious and unprecedented times is each other.

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