first draft of micro review

Microreview Draft:
Guidelines:Using your outline, develop a 5 page (excluding figures) Microreview that encapsulates the current state of research of your paper. The focus should be on the scientific writing and giving a cohesive story. The draft should be written to an audience who has a knowledge of both organic I and organic II. Turn the outline into a logical and understandable paper. This draft will be used for the peer review. After the draft has been written, make sure to read over it at least twice. Make sure to edit your draft at least once before handing it in, and double
Formatting is in the same manner as Organic Letters: Click here for templates
I highly encourage you to read the README
Failure to use Org. Lett. formatting will result in a 0 for the entire paper.
Please see the Microreview Draft rubric for total point breakdown and generic expectations for each section.
Make sure to have the paper fully covered—is everything well explained? This is crucial for success.
Other requirements:- For each literature reference you use, you are required to type a 1-3 sentence summary. The location of the summary should be placed directly after the citation.
For example:Citation goes here….
Summary of paper
Citation goes here
And so on.

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first draft of micro review
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