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The boss in your laboratory has just heard of a proposal by another laboratory that genes for eye color and the length of body bristles may be linked in Drosophila. Your lab has numerous pure-breeding stocks of Drosophila that could be used to verify or refute genetic linkage. In Drosophila, red eyes (c +) are dominant to brown eyes (c), and long bristles (d +) are dominant to short bristles (d). Your lab boss asks you to design an experiment to test the genetic linkage of eye color and bristle-length genes, and to begin by crossing a pure-breeding line homozygous for red eyes and short bristles to a pure-breeding line that has brown eyes and long bristles.

Part 1)

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Finding approximate frequencies of phenotypes | Homework Help
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Assume the eye color and bristle-length genes are separated by 28 
m.u.. What are the approximate frequencies of phenotypes expected from 
Express your answer as four numbers separated by commas (example 15, 15, 15, 15).
Approximate frequencies of phenotipes: 
cd+ ____%, 
Part 2)
How would the results of the cross differ if the genes are not linked?
Approximate frequencies of phenotipes: cd+ ____%, c + d____%, cd____%, c + d +  

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