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1. A mutaton in the gene W causes a post-pubertal onset of functional defect in Leydig cells. Which of the following profiles is associated with a male carrying this mutation in the gene W, at 30 years of age?
• a. Below normal plasma inhibin levels
• b. Below normal sperm counts in semen
• c. Below normal plasma LH levels
• d. Above-normal hematocrit
• e. Cryptorchidism (testes in the body cavity)
2. Which of the following can contribute to infertility in a young male body builder taking anabolic steroids for an extended period?
• a. Decreased circulating levels of DHT.
• b. Suppression of conversion of T to E in the testis.
• c. Decreased intra-testicular testosterone concentration.
• d. Increased muscle mass.
• e. Decreased circulating androgen levels
3. Compared to a normally cycling female, a post-menopausal woman would have:
• a. higher plasma estradiol levels.
• b. comparable (similar) plasma progesterone levels.
• c. higher GnRH levels in the hypothalamo-pituitary portal blood.
• d. lower plasma FSH levels.
• e. comparable (similar) plasma LH levels.
4. An infertile couple has elected to conceive a baby using in vitro fertilization but without using fertility drugs. In order to catch the window when the woman ovulates, you have monitored her urinary levels of LH (and its metabolites) and performed ultrasound imaging of her ovaries. After detecting significantly elevated urinary levels of LH (and its metabolites), you decide to wait 7 hours before extracting the oocyte. This decision to delay extraction of the oocyte for 7 hours after detecting an increase in LH levels is because the midcycle LH surge causes:
• a. formation of antrum in the mature/Graafian follicle.
• b. meiotic progression of an oocyte from prophase I to metaphase II.
• c. capacitation during the sperm entry.
• cortical reaction in an oocyte.
5. Mary is a happily pregnant 35-year old woman. She is into the 21st week of pregnancy with twins. Unfortunately, Mary’s doctor, Dr. So Right has just found out that Mary has benign tumors in both of her ovaries. Dr. So Right can suggest a surgery to remove both of Mary’s ovaries right away because Mary’s placenta secretes:
• a. LH and FSH
• b. estrogen and progesterone
• c. estrogen and prolactin
• d. hCG and hPL
• e. oxytocin and prolactin

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Find male carrying mutation in the gene | Homework Help
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