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I am looking for the essay to cover how financial literacy is not being covered enough in U.S schools, how it is effecting people, why financial literacy is so important and how some places are trying to implement it

The client is faced with consistent feelings of sadness, fatigue, guilt, and worthlessness.The intensity of the client’s symptoms is moderate.The duration of these symptoms last about 2 hours, at least 5x a week.  Since her diagnosis, the client accordingly self-medicated through alcohol to ease her pain. The client has faced legal troubles due to her alcoholism and has been faced with 3 DUI’s (Driving under the Influence). The client has also been in a series of domestic violence relationships that affected her self- esteem.  The client was unable to control her emotions and felt she did not have the proper means to support herself.

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Financial Literacy Assignment | Online Assignment Help
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The client is an African American female who identifies herself as a heterosexual and cisgender female. After a comprehensive assessment, the client meets the full criteria for a major depressive disorder that is moderate. The client also exemplified herself with anxious distress and her previous alcohol disorder is evidenced by her inability to reduce and/or stop the intake of alcohol tolerance or compulsive use of alcohol resulting in job loss, estrangement from family, and homelessness for over 12 months. The client signified having severe depression after having been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma back in 2004 and being in several domestic violence relationships. The client denoted that she has been in and out of treatment with Kaiser and was done with radiation and chemotherapy in 2008. The client expressed that due to these interferences in her life, she has had difficulties taking care of herself. The client bespoke that in 2010, a therapist came to her house twice a week in a VCP program as she went through domestic violence. The client coped with her past trauma by being an excessive alcohol drinker and used it as a self- medication. The client’s alcoholism has affected her legally as a result of her DUI’s and being to jail for about 6 months. Besides, the client reported she had trouble focusing and concentrating on normal and daily tasks. The client was unable to acquire stable housing and go back to school to finish her education. The client appeared frustrated and was unable to verbalize her emotions. The client opened up that she wanted to have stability.


The client does not meet the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder. Though the client has direct exposure to trauma with her cancer diagnosis and being a domestic violence relationship, the client does not have recurrent memories or flashbacks. The client also does not display hypervigilance.





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