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write a motion letter to the court to explaining my financial hardship y I didn’t pay court cost and fine restitution and can the court erase the interests rates that accumulate over time during my hard ship which is now 6,600 so I can start paying on my $3545 what I owe along wit what I have accomplished since I been out off jail etc check out my attach ment to get an idea what should be in the letter and where I’m going with the letter PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF HAVE QUESTIONS ***Here is the attachment *** I’m Patrick Dawson writing this Financial hardship letter to the court about my case in 2014 for Possession Marijuana since then it’s been a Financial Hardship along with being homeless etc, in that case, I couldn’t pay my court cost and restitution like agreed but I satisfy everything else except courts cost but due to financial hardship, etc at the time, I could pay nothing but know I have learned my lesson currently in school for Water Technology at Gateway Community College along with working at Ethan Allen for 4 yrs rebuilding my integrity and character as a normal citizen and giving my time back to the Phoenix Dream Center never been encountered with the law enforcement. I’m fully aware of my court cost obligations with Maricopa County Court I hope that you could understand my situation and if the court could find it in their heart to waive the interest rate that accumulates over my Financial hardship times so can just pay what I owe the court which is 3,545 dollars. I’m truly hoping that the court can consider working with me because I am anxious to get this settled put past behind me so I can focus on my future and school.

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Financial hardship letter Assignment | Essay Help Services
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