Final Marketing Plan Assignment | Online Assignment

Please see attached documents for further instructions. The one that’s titled “final marketing plan” is skeleton version of what’s needed for this last version of the marketing plan. This one needs to be more detailed than the last and should be about the same product (Investigative Connect)

Marketing Plan Guidelines

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Final Marketing Plan Assignment | Online Assignment
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  1. The Marketing Plan will be submitted at the end of the semester


  1. Each section of the outline should begin on a separate page.


  1. Plans should be typewritten and should include a cover page.


  1. Each presentation will be original and created specifically for this class. Subject matter may come from any arena. For those of you currently not in a business or planning a business, examples would be a family company, a friend’s business, or a dream or imaginary business.


  1. Plans are due on the date specified on your syllabus, and will be accepted on any date prior to that.


  1. A marketing plan usually does not contain major graphics sections. Graphic items

such as a re-designed business card, letterhead, etc. are usually physically addressed in an advertising or other follow up plan.  If you feel that some graphic design will enhance your plan, you may include this but it is not required.  Written ideas such as a new theme line or copy ideas to show direction may also be included.  Generally, creative ideas are not used in a written marketing plan, but may be used to explain objectives, etc. from time to time.


  1. Your instructor will be available to discuss individual plans with students.


  1. You will be required to inform the instructor simple details of your marketing plan

at the time of the first test.  This will include the name of the company or business,

who the target market is,  and where the topic emanated from.



Good luck!


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