art 1: For your initial discussion post this week, I want you to select a film or television show which includes/depicts ghosts, vampires, OR zombies; you are welcome to choose an example with a combination of the three, but your example is only required to include one.
Once you’ve chosen your film or television show, write a post where you:
name the film/television show, discuss which of the three entities is depicted (ghosts, vampires, or zombies), and describe how they are depicted. This should include details such as: how they look, how they act, and their purpose/function.
choose a cultural example the same entity that was in your film/television example and describe how that culture discusses/depicts that entity.
conclude your post by discussing at least 1 commonality between the film/television show and the cultural example’s depiction, and at least 1 difference between the depictions.
our initial post should be at least 250 words in length

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