Feminist in the Opera “Alice‘s Adventures’ in Wonderland”


Proposal is in the uploaded files and here is the feedback for it: I would perhaps reframe your introduction to say you will be exploring specifically Chin’s opera as an example of how opera staging can be used as a vehicle for exploring feminist ideals? Which specific topics of feminism would you like to address? The fact that Alice is a female character and is a child (therefore doesn’t have a romantic plot) is not inherently feminist. Remember this story is originally written by a man in 1865!! Is there something specific to Chin’s opera that changes the expected story of Alice in Wonderland to establish political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes? Does she use the opera somehow to question social norms? Also the social norms in 1865 were very different to 2015 so how does that affect the topic? In terms of your sources, it would be good to use peer reviewed academic published sources in addition to websites that are not considered scholarly sources. A good place to look would be JSTOR or Grove where you will find a wealth of studies in terms of feminism and opera. Please write the final paper base on the proposal and the feedback, especially the idea from feedback. It could be better if you would like to provide your draft as the part 2 in the guidelines document. Here is the link of original production if it helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hXt-BPhRKA Thank you!

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Feminist in the Opera “Alice‘s Adventures’ in Wonderland”
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