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1. A person with a disorder that limits absorption of bile isat increased risk for deficiency of:
(a) folate
(b) niacin
(c) riboflavin
(d) ascorbic acid
2. which of the following stimulates the pancreas to releasebicarbonate-rich juice?
(a) gastrin
(b) secretin
(c) glucagon
(d) gastric-inhibitory peptide
3. Which of the following is a feature of the lymphaticsystem?
(a) it carries fats away from the intestines
(b) it contains a fluid with a composition similar topancreatic fluid
(c) it circulates via one-way pump at the junction to thesubclavian vein
(d) it serves to transport fat-soluble and water-solublevitamins to the vascular system
4. People are said to be constipated when theyexperience:
(a) painful or difficult bowel movements
(b) more than a day without a bowel movement
(c) more than three days without a bowel movement
(d) soft or watery bowel movements with little notice.
5. which of the following is a feature of cholesterol?
(a) synthesized by the body
(b) no relation to heart disease
(c) recommended intake is zero
(d) no function in the human body
6. which of the following CANNOT be found in plants?
(a) cholesterol
(b) triglycerides
(c) essential fatty acids
(d) non-essential fatty acids
7. A low risk of cardiovascular disease correlates with highblood levels of:
(a) triglycerides
(b) free fatty acids
(c) HDL
(d) very LDL
8. which of the following is characteristic of the lipaseenzymes?
(a) gastric lipase plays a significant role in fat digestionin adults
(b) intestinal mucosal lipase is responsible for most dietaryfat digestion
(c) salivary gland lipase (lingual lipase) plays a role in fatdigestion in infants
(d) pancreatic lipase hydrolyzes most dietary triglyceridescompletely to glycerol and free fatty acids.

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Feature of cholesterol-characteristic of the lipaseenzymes | Homework Help
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