Fear of Color Reflection


Please first watch the documentary, Fear of Color (available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv6oRtp71_o), then answer the following questions in your paper. 1)    What parts of racism does the discussion address? (5 points) 2)    The discussion was documented in 1990s. What part of racism stays the same with the situation today and what has changed? Why? (5 points) 3)    Do you think any parts of racism is not (well) addressed by the discussion? (5 points)  4)    Do you think the strategies against racism in the discussion would work? Why or why not? (5 points) 5)    Does the content of the documentary have any implication in another ism? (5 points) Integrate a minimum of 5 readings from class (readings in the upload files) . Additionally, relevant readings from other social work courses may be included. These could enrich your thinking greatly. Your will be graded based upon: integration of, insight into, and understanding of the readings and class discussion, application of relevant concepts/theories, quality of writing, and format including the appropriately application of APA style. All papers should be carefully proofread.

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Fear of Color Reflection
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