Paper #1; FATHERHOOD INTERVIEW; Worth 100 points How actively are fathers participating in the births of their children these days?  Identify three (3) fathers – preferable first-time, expectant fathers and/or fathers of children younger than age 3.   Prior to the interview you must have each father or father-to-be give consent to participate in the interview.  Interview these men using the following sets of questions:  Expectant Fathers: 1. What are your feelings about becoming a father? 2. How have you been involved in your partner’s pregnancy? 3. What part will you play in your child’s birth?  What part would you like to play? 4. What do you think being a “good father” means? 5. How will having a child change your life? Fathers:  1. What part did you play in the birth(s) of your child(ren)?  2. What were your feelings about the birth(s) of your child(ren)? 3. What are the three biggest challenges you face as a father? 4. What do you think a “good father” is? 5. How has having a child changed your life? 6. What advice would you give a new father?  After interviewing the fathers, write a 3-4 page report summarizing the similarities and differences between the three fathers.  Include a description of the fathers and the interview process.  Be sure to relate what you learned through your interviews with material on fathers’ participation in childbirth from the textbook, PPT slides, and any other appropriate sources.  In-text citations are required as is a reference page.  Be sure to follow APA format when writing your summary. Be sure to use your textbook as one reference and an outside source (scholary journal as your second source).

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