Factors that affect users’ repeated bookings with Airbnb.

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Chapter 1-Introduction to the study (NEED 300-500 MORE WORDS ! TOTAL 1000-1500)
1. 1Background and justification
This research focuses on factors that affect users’ repeated bookings with Airbnb. Airbnb is the largest shared accommodation website over the world and also the biggest competitor of hotel chain brands (Guttentag, 2013). Every night, more than 2 million people book accommodation on the Airbnb platform. Since 2008, this fast-growing platform has gained 400 million users (Phua, 2018). 90% of Airbnb guests said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” (Guttentag, 2018).
The advent of Airbnb has redefined the hospitality industry and the customer experience (Camilleri and Neuhofer, 2017). However, since Airbnb entered the Chinese market in 2005, Airbnb faces localization difficulties and policy risks. According to the data (Zhao, 2018), China is one of the fastest-growing countries in the domestic and foreign tourism markets. In 2016, the size of China’s shared accommodation market was approximately 24.3 billion yuan (Xenia, 2018).However, In 2017, Airbnb only accounted for 8.7% of China’s short-term rental market, while Tujia and Piggy accounted for 41% and 23%, respectively. (Kong, 2018). Airbnb’s mission is to let anyone belong to everywhere (Cui, Li and Zhang, 2016). Ge Hong, Airbnb’s global vice president, said in an interview. “China accounts for 20% of the world’s population. If AIRBNB cannot succeed in China, how will Airbnb achieve its mission” (Kong, 2018)?
Emphasis on customer loyalty is conducive to the formation of a brand’s competitive advantage and successful customer relationships.
Loyal customers are the most valuable customers of the company, and a small increase in customer loyalty will lead to a substantial increase in profits.
Customer loyalty theory advocates customer-centered, pays attention to customer evaluation of products and services, and pursues high customer satisfaction. This is the further improvement and development of marketing concepts. The theory of customer loyalty requires enterprises to regard customers as an important resource of the enterprise, and use the results of customer data analysis as the basis for strategic decision-making.

1.2 Aim and objective
This study aims to fill the gap in B&B business customer loyalty research. In recent years, Airbnb has developed rapidly in the global market as a disruptive innovation relative to hotels (Guttentag and Smith, 2017). The study aims to investigate what factors influence the loyalty of travelers using Airbnb and provide an empirical analysis of the importance of Airbnb’s customer loyalty in China .
Why do customers choose other platforms, not Airbnb in China? What can Airbnb platform and hotelier learn from ? What can make customers satisfied and use the platform to book again?
Based on a large percentage of the literature on factors affecting traditional hotel loyalty, the significance of this article is the lack of research on supplementary literature on B & B online accommodation booking platforms.
Research objectives
1.To investigate the factors that make contributions to customer loyalty.
2. To determine the impact of loyalty on customer repurchase intent.
3. To establish a perception of the importance of Airbnb customer loyalty

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Factors that affect users’ repeated bookings with Airbnb.
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This study focuses on: consumer behavior preferences and the relationship between users and platforms. My research results will provide a theoretical basis for platforms and landlords to improve the quality of service, and make contribution to improving the core competitive advantage of the platform. The research scope of this paper is in China

(Figure 1)
Combined with the theoretical background mentioned in the literature review, a conceptual model was developed to prove the impact of service quality customer satisfaction and other factors on loyalty (Figure 1), service quality as independent variable, loyalty as dependent variable, satisfaction as adjustment variable. Therefore, the following five hypotheses will be examined:
H1. Service quality affects customer satisfaction with exceptional customer experience.
H2. Satisfaction as a moderator variable has an impact on Airbnb customer loyalty.
H3. Service quality as an independent variable has a direct and significant impact on Airbnb customer loyalty.
H4. Consumer behavior of repeated purchases is the result of customer loyalty.

1.3 Structure of the dissertation
This paper will use the latest literature and data to gain insight into Airbnb and Airbnb in China’s current situation and the factors impact customer loyalty when they use Airbnb booking . Through the survey and interview , we will further demonstrate the impact factors of loyalty and the importance of customer loyalty . The structure of this paper is as follows: Chapter I : Introduction ;Chapter II :the literature review includes : Airbnb background and current situation in China , service quality , customer loyalty ,customer satisfaction and user perception(or user experience ) ;Chapter III: Methodology , In terms of methodological choice , in my research I will use the Mixed-method research design . The most appropriate research strategy will be case study and survey. I will collect data from 5 interviews and 100 questionnaires, the participants are Airbnb users in China. Chapter IV: Results .The conclusions drawn from analyzing the data will support or evaluate my hypothesis .Chapter V :Conclusion ,reflection and recommendation . Based on my research and data conclusions, I will conduct a critical discussion with contextual literature review. At the same time, I will give recommendations, such as for future research, for consumers, and for hospitality. In addition, based on the research process, I will also critically reflect on the limitations, where is my research progress, and what problems have not been resolved.

Methodology , Data collection and you can NOT COLLECTION DATA,PLESE FINISH CHAPTER 1-3 .I will peovide the data and then we move to next chapter

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