Facilitation Technique-Evidence Based Practice

Facilitation Technique-Evidence Based Practice Article Literature Review

For this section of your evidence-based article assignment, you will need to create a BRIEF literature review following the steps listed in numbered order below. The review should consist of a general range of 6-9 listed references with at least three being from academic, peer reviewed journals). The articles used should contain any combination of articles and information which demonstrate either or both previous applications of your selected activity on a variety of populations (not necessarily your selected group) or articles that discuss the needs of your population that your technique will be addressing. Your review should contain the following:

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Facilitation Technique-Evidence Based Practice
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  1. 6-9 articles (3 from academic journals)
  2. APA citation format
  3. 4-5 sentences PER ARTICLE summarizing the findings of the study, including but not limited to:

Research questions


Findings (presented as either statistics or evidence-based narrative)

Practical applications for RT- Don’t just say it works. Are there specific implications related to techniques, applications to certain settings, etc.

Sample size of the study

You many not cut and paste the abstracts from each research article. The actual article should be read and the abstract should be written from your perspective.

The following are the 4 from academic journals to be use:






Other articles to be use:






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