Extra Credit Spring 2022

Podcast2 points per podcast. Maximum 4 points.
You have the option to listen to one or two of the podcast episodes listed below:
Select your podcast:
Down to the Struts Podcast: Interview with Judy Heumann (Star of “Crip Camp”) (Links to an external site.)
Youth Organizing Podcast: Disability Justice (Links to an external site.)
Pigeonhole Podcast: Disability and Housing Justice Panel (Links to an external site.)
Black and Highly Dangerous Podcast Welcome to Krip-Hop Nation: A Conversation about Black Disability Issues with Leroy Moore (Links to an external site.)
Required Reflection Content
Summarize what was discussed in the podcast.
What were your main takeaways from this podcast?
Which of the takeaways most directly connected with you and why?
How did the topic(s) covered intersect with the content you have learned in our course this semester?
Reflect on the podcast speakers and their messages, and what, if anything, it changed in your understanding of the topic and/or your future actions.
Required Format
Microsoft Word format ONLY
Responses must be in essay/paragraph format
1” margins
12-point font
Remember to use respectful language (either person-first or identity-first, depending on the preferences of the podcast speakers)
IF doing two podcasts, you may submit both reflections in the same document. Clearly indicate, at the top of your paper, that you are doing two reflections.

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Extra Credit Spring 2022
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