Explain tyndilization pasteurization and boiling water | Homework Help

Know some basic points of physical control agents, chemical control agents, and mechanical control agents (why are they regarded as such?).
What is a bacteriostat and bacteriocide/germicide?
Understand the “degree” of resistance from spores to vegetative cells.
Know the terms sterilization, disinfect, sanitization, degermination, and antisepsis.
Be familiar with the factors that can influence the effectiveness of a cleaning agent.
What are the four “modes of action” of control agents and name one agent for each mode?
Know the difference in action of moist heat and dry heat.
Describe briefly steam and pressure (autoclave), tyndilization, pasteurization, and boiling water.
What is ionization radiation and give some examples?
What is an example of non-ionization radiation?
What is the mode of action for filtration?
How do the following chemical control agents work?
Halogens – disrupt sulfhydryl groups

Phenolics – disrupts cell walls

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Explain tyndilization pasteurization and boiling water | Homework Help
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Peroxide – free-radical formation

Degergents & Soaps – disrupts cell membranes

Heavy metals – disrupts enzyme function/inactivates proteins

Aldehydes – cross links proteins/inactivates proteins

Gases – alters DNA


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