Explain the role of postsynaptic potentials | Homework Help

Q1. Arrange a word paper in which you analyze how neuro processes effect behaviour and impact the field of biological psychology. AIDitionally, be sure to aIDress the subsequent items in your analysis:

o explain the role of postsynaptic potentials (excitatory and inhibitory), synaptic transmission, and receptors in producing and regulating behaviour.

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Explain the role of postsynaptic potentials | Homework Help
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o explain the primary neurotransmitters and their role in brain function and behaviour.

• Include as a minimum two references in your paper from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

Q2. Think of the beaver’s digestive organ system. Clarify its overall role. List several of the organs in this system, describe how each functions, and outline how organs work together to carry out the role of the organ system.


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