Explain the exact mutagenic event | Homework Help

An experimenter is studying a gene that codes for a very small polypeptide phe-his-gly-cys-gly. He treated the cells with different mutagens with the following results to the protein:

  • Normal: phe-his-gly-cys-gly
  • Treatment #1: phe-his-gly-cys
  • Treatment #2: ser-his-gly-cys-gly
  • Treatment #3: phe-his-arg-val-trp

For each treatment, describe the exact mutagenic event (e.g. transition, transversion, frameshift, etc.), the most likely codon sequence, and the type of mutagen used.

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Explain the exact mutagenic event | Homework Help
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  Second Letter
    U   C   A   G      
First Letter U UUU Phe UCU Ser UAU Tyr UGU Cys UCAG Third Letter




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