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Explanation of problem, question, conflict, or issue:

1.  Explain the controversial question and explain why it is controversial.

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Explain the controversial question | Homework Help
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2. Describe the different viewpoints within the controversy. Explain why each creates questions that must be aIDressed. 

Student Viewpoint/Evidence 

3. What is your viewpoint on the issue? Consider the shades of gray options.  Write out your viewpoint in a complete sentence. 

4.  What factual information supports your viewpoint? Explain.

5. Describe at least one viewpoint on the issue that differs from yours.  Explain the facts and principles that support this opposing viewpoint. (More than one opposing viewpoint may need to be discussed.)

Influence of context and assumptions

6.  Explain how different contexts (i.e. cultural/social, educational, technological, political, scientific, economic, personal experience) may have influenced your viewpoint and the viewpoint of stakeholders?

Conclusions and related outcomes 

7. If your viewpoint was followed, what would be the implications and consequences (good and bad) for appropriate stakeholders and all of society?


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