Explain a type of column chromatography | Homework Help

Each of the following statements describes a type of column chromatography. Sort the statements to the type of chromatography they describe. If a statement can describe all of the types, place that statement in the “All” category. (Note that size-exclusion chromatography may also be called gel-filtration or molecular exclusion chromatography.)

Categories: Size-exclusion Chromatography, Affinity Chromatography, Ion-exchange Chromatogrpahy, and All Statements:

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Explain a type of column chromatography | Homework Help
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Separate molecules by size.

Separate molecules by charge.

The stationary phase has a covalently bound group to which a protein in the mobile phase can bind.

Uses a mobile phase and a stationary phase to separate proteins.

The stationary phase contains cross-linked polymers with different pore sizes.

Can separate molecules based on protein-lignand binding.

The stationary phase may contain negatively or positively charged groups.


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