Exp EQ320 Lab Report

Remember that you can find more detailed information on the expectations for lab reports in the Chem141_142_Lab_Notebook_Guidelines_Sp22_RND
that you can also find in the Lab Resources.Your lab report should consist of the following sections with appropriate titles in this order:
Title page
Purpose and procedures (scan/copied/pictures from lab notebook)
Data and Observations (scan/copied/pictures from lab notebook)
Analysis Section: (see Exp EQ320 Data Analysis for guidance on how to do this). Ignore Question 1 about the absorbance vs wavelength data. Include in this order:
Graph 2: Absorbance vs concentration – annotated with best fit straight line and lines showing determination of concentration of FeSCN2
Answers to Q 2 – 4: show YOUR calculations for Q2, Q3a and Q4.
Data table from Excel file.

Remember that the title page, analysis and conclusion sections can be typed or hand-written (neatly) or a combination thereof. In some cases you will be able to generate a PDF directly from an application used to generate the work. Hand-written pages can be scanned/copied for submission.

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Exp EQ320 Lab Report
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