Evidence-Based Practice and Research

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I am currently doing my field placement at a skilled nursing home and I am working with the independent living residents. I am faciliting support groups, I work with sub acute residents, I provide emotional support and counseling to residents, and work closley with hospice residents.

In your current field placement, are there examples of evidence-based practices being applied? For instance, does your agency use the Housing First model for homeless individuals, cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents, or outreach for isolated individuals?
In your initial post, respond to the following:
Describe the target population of your practicum agency.
Discuss one evidence-based practice that is applied by your agency as well as an example of how it is applied.
Conduct research on your population and the practice that is being applied. What does the scholarly literature report? For example, is the Housing First

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Evidence-Based Practice and Research
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Housing First

model for homeless individuals effective? Why or why not? (Include at least two scholarly literature-based citations.)
Based on your research, what recommendations would you make to your agency regarding the evidence-based practice? Be specific and provide rationale(s).


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