Evidence Based Nursing Analysis Assignment | Online Assignment

1) Please read the attached documents carefully (both). Follow the template and marking the rubric.
2) On the document, it has clearly said that 4-5 qualitative articles.
In this assessment, you demonstrate that you can provide an evidence-based conclusion to an uncertain clinical situation. It requires you to search for relevant research, understand levels of evidence, consider the quality of evidence, present the summary of each article, interpret their findings, and reach a conclusion based on your reviewed evidence.

Introduction (500 words)
Briefly describe the process you used to answer the question. i.e. how you formulated a searchable question and developed a search strategy. Justify the approach you took in accessing the evidence. Describe the rationale behind the selection of each paper (hint: level of the evidence, quality of the evidence, relevance). Both quantitative and/or qualitative articles can be used, as appropriate to the clinical scenario and question you have developed. It is not necessary to present all the evidence you found (and you have limited word count to do this). The key thing is quality not quantity – so four or five research-based articles are better than a large number of low-level papers. Provide the print screens of the abstracts of the papers you have chosen.

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Evidence Based Nursing Analysis Assignment | Online Assignment
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The main body of the paper (800 words)
Briefly present each paper and its main findings. What does the research show?

Conclusion (200 words)
This is where you clearly state what you think the answer to your question is and why.

if the article you chose sis a randomized controlled trial then the first 6 questions of the CASP for RCTs can help for the introduction. Remember that there are different CASPs for different study types.

If the article has P value or CI then the interpretation has to be clear.

the articles have to be within 5-10 years
Marks depends on the basis of articles and how you present the evidence.

please chose the best articles and which i can find in uni’s data base like Proquest, Embase, medline.


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