Ethical issues

Paper instructions

To consider the responsibilities that an ethical writer carries, try this exercise.

Find a piece of writing that interests you. You can use part of a book or an article you are reading, a news story, a post on social media, or an email or letter you have received.

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Ethical issues
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Annotate the piece, making notes in the margin (or using an electronic review function if the piece of writing is in an electronic format). Note potential biases, uses of language that could exclude or neglect particular groups, parts that ignore or mask contrary opinions, ideas that are not properly acknowledged, or potential negative outcomes of the piece. Also note places where the author displayed ethical writing techniques. Please upload a copy of the annotated piece of writing with your submission.

Then, in at least 400 words, develop revisions that address some of the ethical issues you uncovered and summarize the ways that the author did, or did not, use responsible writing techniques.


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