Ethical Issues in Pro Vaccination Assignment | Online Assignment

I am writing a term paper about pro vaccination for my religion/ethics class. I am a future nurse, so I want this to sound like it came from someone with a little experience behind the topic. i have a tunic that it explains it all and how to write it. This is an ethics class so we did go over utilitarianism, deontological, Kantism, egoism and many others so I’d like those to be examples within the paper. I dont expect you to be an expert at these terms because I am not either

Ethical Issue Paper
In order to develop skills in properly applying concepts in Christian ethics to real-life situations, students will need to write an essay about a pertinent ethical case or issue. Topics may be chosen from those suggested in course textbooks, from the instructor’s topic list, or selected from the student’s personal experience. The specific topic must be selected by the date indicated in the course schedule.
See the course syllabus for the length of the paper. You should use 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced lines throughout, with one-inch margins. Please use Chicago or the American Psychological Association (APA) style for reference citations if your program requires that style. The most important criterion for writing style is to be consistent. No abstract or running head are necessary, but please number the pages. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity and organization, and style will count.
Your essay should have the following components:
1. A cover page should include the essay title, your name, the date, course number and name, semester, the professor’s name, and university (this is not to be included in page / word count).
2. A brief summary of the issue to be discussed in the essay.
3. Identification of the ethical dimension of the issue, including points of consensus and disagreement concerning the issue.
4. A strong thesis that takes a stand one way or another on the ethical quandary. Your thesis statement should contain a “should” to be a satisfactory thesis. For example, many people write regarding abortion. Examples of thesis statements are: “Abortion should be legal until the second trimester of pregnancy” or “Abortion should be illegal throughout pregnancy, except in cases where the mother is in danger of dying.” Coming up with a good thesis statement is hard; please speak to the instructor regarding your thesis statement.
5. Body paragraphs that argue for the position you take in your thesis. Apply both Christian and non-Christian ethical principles and theories to the issue in support of your thesis. This should be the bulk of your essay.
6. Body paragraphs that lay out the case against the position you take. Make sure that you address the strongest objections possible to your position, and that you do so fairly. Use ethical principles and theories to say why these objections are strong. After doing this proceed to say why the objections are still misguided, even in their strongest form, and why your position is the ethical one to take. This should also be a large part of your essay, but not as large as what comes in #5.
7. A conclusion that briefly summarizes the main points of the essay, reflects upon what you have learned from this project, and indicates what you still would like to know about the issue.
8. A reference list written according to the citation style you have chosen (this is not to be included in page / word count).
The grading rubric for written material that is detailed in the syllabus will be used for grading. However, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects as uniquely applying to this particular paper:
1. Identification of Ethical Dimension: the paper should show that you have done your homework, that you know what the most important areas of consensus and disagreement are from the perspective of those people most affected by the issue.
2. Application of Ethical Principles: you need to properly apply non-Christian and Christian ethical principles and concepts learned in this course to your issue. Use of course texts is recommended. Application of fewer principles done well is usually better than trying to apply as many as you can think of using only a sentence or two per principle (i.e., “mud on the wall” ethics).
3. Integration of Reference Material: To receive a passing score, the essay reference list should include a minimum of 6 sources (10 would be “A” quality), two of which should come from course reading assignments. Your essay should also have a minimum of 10 textual citations referring to your sources, about two per page. Do not forget to use MEDLINE fulltext, CINAHL, and ATLA Religion Full Text Plus databases accessed through the Concordia University Library. Avoid using unattributed (i.e., no author cited) online resources, and use journalistic resources such as opinion pieces or even news reports from good sources sparingly. Alphabetize your reference list, and use a hanging indentation for each source. Single space references, but put one blank line between each. Please do not quote your instructor or from your lecture notes; look up the information yourself. Your instructor can help you find appropriate original sources.
4. Writing Style and Form: spelling, clarity, organization, punctuation, neatness, accuracy of citation style, and grammar will be evaluated. Essays will be evaluated on a basis consistent with an upper-undergraduate level according to program and departmental guidelines (see the “Program and/or Departmental Policies section to follow). Please ask for assistance from your instructor or the ARC if you would like to receive non-threatening suggestions for improvement.

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Ethical Issues in Pro Vaccination Assignment | Online Assignment
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