Essay: Popular Culture and Race


Hi,class For this assignment, you will write a personal essay about how you believe popular culture is contributing to the fight against racism or is contributing to racism!  You can choose to discuss any realm of pop culture and any form of racism.   For example, sports, movies, television shows, advertising, “media blackout,” protests, etc.  You will discuss how you feel Popular Culture has contributed to OR fought against racism/sexism.  This is a personal essay.  Feel free to bring in your OWN opinions and experiences to answer the question below.  Question: Using examples of Popular Culture, discuss how you think Popular Culture is helping fight against.  This is your opinion.  How has the death of George Floyd (you can choose another incident that has affected you) affected your life and your thoughts on racism?  YOU MAY ALSO decide to write an essay about how you feel Popular Culture has CONTRIBUTED to racism…the choice is yours and will depend on if you see pop culture and positive or negative when it comes to social issues.  Please ensure you have a clear thesis/argument. Please note: This is a personal 10 mark essay.  Proper in-text citation must be used as well as works cited page MUST be included should you use any ideas outside of your own minds.   ANY assignment without any IN TEXT citation will receive an automatic 0. ANY outside information MUST be properly sourced using IN-TEXT APA or MLA citation! This should be approx 1.5-2 pages double spaced!  Remember, PROPER paragraphs and essay structure, please 🙂

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Essay: Popular Culture and Race
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