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Can you help me to modify the essay component 2 and the essay component 4 from my paper based on the feedback?  (The feedback: However, you missed most requirements for EC2 and that brought your mark down. Make sure you refer to the essay component guide so that you don’t miss anything in the future. You also need to tweak EC4 to more clearly state your controversial issue.) Here are the original guide for essay component 2 and essay component 4: Essay component 2: Working annotated bibliography (minimum 4 references). Find 4 scholarly references related to your topic. For each of the 4 sources you must: -provide the full citation in correct APA format (see your text and additional resources for support) -summarize the source (may include some or all of the following: claim, results, argument structure, methodology) -note how the source is related to your other sources (i.e., make links among your sources) -evaluate the source’s credibility and value based on source type (primary article, theory paper, metaanalysis, review paper) -state how the source will be useful for your essay Essay component 4: Preliminary claim: -clearly state your controversial issue AND the position you will be arguing regarding your issue (your claim) o In this essay, I will address the following controversial issue… o Although there are a number of possible points of view regarding this issue, in this essay I will argue that… (i.e., give your position on the issue)

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essay component
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