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Write an analysis describing how the selected medication class relates to the selected systems disorder. (7 points/28%) • 300 words minimum. • Analysis must be typed. You are encouraged to use writing resources, such as TurnItIn and Grammarly, when composing theanalysis. • A strong connection and correlation are made between the selected medication and disease process. • Be prepared to present and/or submit your templates and analysis. d. Although strict adherence to APA guidelines are not required for this assignment, your work will be evaluated on the following criteria. (3 points/12%) • Fewer than three unique errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and/or spelling are present. • Information is handwritten and legible. For writing assistance (APA, formatting, or grammar) visit the Citation and Writing Assistance page in the online library. Note: my medication is antinfective , category classes tetracycline Disorder/disease process – mycoplasma pneumonia

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Essay Analysis Assignment | Online Assignment
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