Essay 2- Poetry Analysis


Write a 500 word essay where you analyze “Funeral Blues(530)” poem. Analysis seeks to look between the lines of what appears on the surface to unearth a deeper meaning within a literary work. You must select a work that was presented in class to breakdown and present that written discourse in an objective manner. If the plot is learned from your writing, it is not analysis. Analysis seeks to address the how and the why of something rather than the who, what or where. The key to writing a successful analysis is to avoid the obvious and conduct some close reading and rereading of the text. Pay close attention to poetic elements and how those elements help to add meaning to the work.  Work must be typed in Microsoft Word using the basic minimum requirements: Times New Roman, Size 12, typed, doubled spaced (except for journal assignments that are single spaced), 1-inch margins (do not justify the margins after you type) and MLA format for citation. Avoid using first and second person point of view in objective essays.  All students must follow the word count requirements for each assignment. Do not exceed the word count by more than 50 words. No cover pages needed and works cited pages do not contribute to your word count. For this class only, thesis statements and topic sentences must be highlighted yellow, all evidence must be placed in bold and all elaboration must be placed in italics when essays are being submitted.  Intro Begins with a generic opening that relates to the topic  Elaborates for a sentence or two before transitioning to the thesis Thesis is properly formatted (MLA), concise and detailed enough to lead to developed ideas Body Topic sentences relate to the thesis statement and are controlling ideas for the remainder of the paragraph Literary terms are embedded within the paragraphs and the student explains the why or how element Quotes are properly introduced with transitional phrases and are formatted  Elaboration is clear and properly explains evidence Insightful instead of cliche summaries from the Internet  Essay makes a connection to the outside world without using 1st or 2nd person  Thoughts are organized in groups  Diction is up to par  Conclusion Does not begin: “In conclusion” but uses appropriate college level transitions  Does not restate the main points but presents a fresh ending that wraps up the theme

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Essay 2- Poetry Analysis
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