Essay 1 Prompt: Film Analysis

Essay 1 Prompt: Film Analysis
The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate mastery over the four categories of human being outlined by Mike Alsford in his Chapter “What are We?” through character analysis.
Compose a 1200-word (give or take 100 words) paper in which you describe 3 characters in the film Surrogates using 3 of the categories of human being: human as subject, human as agent, human as contingent, human as relational.
Organizing Your Essay
Since this is the first essay of the course, I have provided detailed instructions meant to help you understand the course expectations as well as to help you prepare your essay. Please read over these and keep them in mind for the other two essays you write.
Your essay should include the following components:
Introduction paragraph in which you:
• Introduce the film;
• Introduce Mike Alsford’s framework;
• State your argument in a clear and concise thesis statement;
o Thesis Statement – please use this one, or a variation of it:
An analysis of characters in Surrogates using Alsford’s framework illuminates the ways in which science fiction asks fundamental questions about what it means to be human.
Second paragraph in which you synthesize the rationale of your essay:
• Explain how you are applying Alsford’s categories to the characters
• Explain why you are applying Alsford’s categories to the characters
3 Body Paragraphs
• Include a topic sentence that indicates the character and category of human being discussed in the paragraph
• Embed a short quotation from Alsford that will inform the reader about the category of human being and support your analysis
• After you have presented the evidence, explain how the category of human being applies to the specific character using one specific scene that demonstrates why that character is enacting the category of human being you’ve chosen for this paragraph.
Conclusion Paragraph
• Reminds the reader of your thesis
• Gives the reader a sense of closure
Other Important Information about this Film Analysis
Assume your audience has read and understands Alsford’s categories of human being.
Also assume your audience has viewed the film
Do not summarize the film – your paragraphs should stand alone and make sense without any understanding of the narrative.
Use short, 1-2 line quotations from Alsford’s chapter to support your analysis.
Do not use sources other than Alsford’s chapter & the film
Citations & Formatting Style
You must supply in text citations formatted this way
Human as subject was created by Rene Descartes, who thought, “that a human being is, in essence, an individual consciousness occupying a physical shell” (Alsford 34).
You also must supply a Works Cited page formatted according to MLA at the end of your essay. You will need to cite Alsford’s chapter and the film. All of the information you need to do this is available at the Online Writery at Purdue University: (Links to an external site.)
Your essay should also look like an MLA document. (instructions for doing this are also available on the Online Writery at Purdue University)
• Your essay should have a title under your name etc., centered and not bolded, underlined, or in any way changed from plain 12 point Times New Roman font. This title should reflect the content of your essay – “Essay 1” is not acceptable
• Make the margins 1” all around – use the page layout function in Microsoft Word
• Change the font of the document to 12 point Times New Roman
• Plain page numbers in the upper right hand corner with your last name – use the insert function in Microsoft Word
Grammar & Mechanics
This is a formal essay and thus it should contain very few “lower order” mistakes. Lower order concerns include things such as sentence structure, punctuation, word choice, and spelling. Here are some tips for making sure that the essay you submit is error free:
• Proofread Proofread Proofread
• Ask someone else to read your essay for you
• Pay attention to spelling – spell check is your friend
• Make sure you have spelled names correctly – authors, characters, etc.
Grade Rubric Essay 1
Yes & No
Did the author follow the directions for the assignment?
Did the author demonstrate a clear understanding of Alsford’s categories?
Did the author use evidence in the form of a short quotation from Alsford in each paragraph except for the Intro and Conclusion?
Did the author provide analysis of evidence that showed how that evidence supports their thesis?
Did the author include in-text citations formatted to MLA specifications?
Did the author include a Works Cited page formatted to MLA specifications?
Grade Total =

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Essay 1 Prompt: Film Analysis
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