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Read Chapter 6: Epidemiology in your textbook and complete the Happy Town Crisis Interactive and Epidemic and Endemic and Pandemic, Oh My! Learning Activities before reading the 11 Blue Men story. Then complete the following: Read the Eleven Blue Men (Berton Roueché) (Links to an external site.) story Download the Eleven Blue Men Worksheet and address the questions in the worksheet using complete sentences. To complete the worksheet, Create a timeline (must be drawn, not text-only) indicating the 11 Blue Men presented symptoms. Timelines show patterns quickly. You will draw a timeline using the tool of your choice. It must be more than just text on a page. There are several free online timeline creation tools, like Vizzlo’s Timeline Chart (Links to an external site.). You may also want to review How to Make a Timeline in Microsoft Word (Links to an external site.). Describe the key symptoms and incubation period. Describe each step of an outbreak investigation. Identify three questions that Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Pellitteri asked the patients. Identify three questions that the epidemiologists asked the Eclipse Cafeteria employees. Identify the final culprit and how it was discovered. Explain why these specific men were more affected than other people. Please know that although this is not a formal written paper, you must still use APA formatting. The 11 Blue Men assignment, Must use double-spacing with 1-inch margins Must include a separate title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted


To reach a place of peace, acceptance of ones-self, and freedom is truly the fortune of life at least for me. I believe “Every man is the architect of his fortune” by  Appius Claudius Caecus. I was born in Haiti, My family and I migrated to America to have the chance to achieve the American dream. I can remember the first day of kindergarten. My mother woke me up around 5:15 am. She had the water running in the shower, my school clothes laid out on the bed, and breakfast cooking. As my mother prepared me for school, she looked into my eyes and said do not forget where you come from and why you are here. I guess she did not want me to lose myself or pretend to be something that I was not.

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Epidemiology Community and Public Health Assignment | Essay Help Services
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We walk through the entrance gate of the school,  I began to be fluttered with excitement. I saw parents walking their kids to class, kids running around, and safety patrol at every corner. We finally made it to the classroom, but I was not ready to let go of my mother’s hand. She looks into my eye and said you are not like the rest, you are different, beautiful, smart, and can you accomplish anything you put your mind on. Suddenly I dared to go into the classroom, there all

kids gathered around the rug to introduce themself. I was very timid when it was my turn to introduce myself as I begin to open my mouth to respond. I started speaking in my native language. There was a language barrier between me and the other students but that did not stop everyone from being nice to me. I loved going to school but it became a struggle to understand most things that I was being taught, so I was put into E.SOL classes and later was put into E.S.E classes. I had teachers accommodate me every state-required test. I was placed under different categories because it was hard for the school system to determine if I was an auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learner.

There were obstacles set before me because the education system chose to classify and categorize my abilities and understanding. For a long time, I allowed labels to change the exterior of the self and falling through the cracks’ education system.It was fall in 2003 I was in third grade. It was testing time, all the students that were in the third-grade knew that the F.CAT score dictates whether they would go to the next grade or grade retention. The F.CAT score was mailed out to all the student’s parents and reports were sent to all of the teachers. When I finally received my scores I was filled with disappointment; I scored a level one on the reading, three on the writing, and two an half on the math section. My teacher called for a meeting with my mother to describe different alternative I for me to go to the next grade; Mrs.Letter informed my mother that if I attend summer school I would have another chance to take the F.CAT over again. I spend the whole summer in school studying and preparing for the test but the test was never given. I wanted to try and put my best feet forward, it came to a point where I just did not want to try anything. Every time I tried to do something on my own I was either babied or rushed and looked over.  When I finally completed elementary school, I was ready for a new start; new school, new teachers, different principles. I thought it would be different but it was not. I was 6th grade when I got scared by my reading teacher. Mrs.Davis was one of the best reading teachers in the school some students would say but my opinion of her changed That day Mrs.Davis had to ask me to read out loud but I refuse. She called on me once more but instead of using my name, I was called Whoopi and was instead embarrasses. I look nothing like this lady and to make it worst she said I reminded her of Celie’s from The Color Purple but still I gave it my best shot, as I begin to read the pargraph; the four-word in my speech permanent kick in and the whole class began to laugh, even Mrs.Davis. I wanted to cry so bad but my pride would not let me . When I got home that evening, I cried all night I knew I was not of my reading grade level but what happens in the class that day and the feelings that it gave me could not forget, so I made a vow to myself that I would not let that same event does not take place again. I started reading more, testing myself on unfamiliar words, and perfecting my pronunciation; even had progressed. I finally scored a level three an half on the reading session going into high school. I was very excited to become a freshman, the first day of school I had my class schedule in my hand as I was walking toward the first-period class. I open the door to a class of special ed student, I was felled with confusion.I received my F.CAT score and i was on grade level for all my academic requirements. I could not understand why I was put in these classes. I went do to the E.S.E office and spoke with my case manager and I took her I wanted to be removed from E.S.E classes permanently. Mrs.Russo shock me with her reply; she said: “ This label is actually is a pillow throughout high school”. I said “ pillow throughout high school”? She said yes. I said, “ I don’t understand”.  She said, “ you won’t have to pass the F.CAT test and you will so receive your high diploma; that’s kind of a sweet deal” with a smile on her face. I was shot done once again. I thought long and hard. I wanted to a fair chance a dictating what I let affect me. I ask for the help of my mother but I had to explain what’s going on with the classes and why must she go down to the school. I tried everything I can think of to convince my mother I could do without the label of having a learning disability. “Just give me a chance” I repeated to her.I realized at a young age that if I wanted to be heard I would have to pioneer through a roller coaster full of judgment, assumptions, and different labels.I was tired of being under-minded and feeling like I could go as far as I wanted to. I dropped out of school and pursue a high school through Penn Forster online. I earned my high school diploma and enrolled at palm beach state.I had a goal that I needed to execute by any means but only thing that was standing in my way was me.






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