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: Water Management in San Antonioa. A)The water utility of San Antonio and environs is known as SAWS. 1) What does SAWS stand for? How and when did SAWS come into being? Who owns SAWS? 2) What processes is SAWS responsible for? b). How is wastewater treated in San Antonio? (See “Recycling” at the “Your Water” page) 1) Describe the process and the level of treatment. 2) Where does treatment occur? 3) Which wastewater treatment process byproducts do SAWS reuse? c. Visit the Edwards Aquifer Website and tell me about rainfall in San Antonio and environs: http://www.edwardsaquifer.net/climate.html. Summarize what you consider to be the salient points. d. By the way, what is an aquifer? e. The Edwards aquifer has karst geology. What does that mean? f. At the SAWS website, find the “aquifer level and stats” page. What is the level of the aquifer today (Level Bexar, J-17, give today’s date). What were the lowest and highest levels for the past year? g. SAWS engages in a program called aquifer storage and recovery. See: https://www.saws.org/your-water/new-water-sources/current-water-supply-projects/ and www.edwardsaquifer.net/asr.html Describe this program in some detail, i.e., 1) What is it? 2) How does it protect endangered species? Name one of the endangered species in the Edwards aquifer. 3) What role does the Carrizo aquifer play? 4) What are the differences between Edwards and Carrizo aquifers? 5) What is Twin Oaks (also known as H2Oaks)? 6) Consulting engineers had made a mathematical error regarding the project. What was this, and do the corrected figures bode well or ill for the project? 7) Describe the water treatment process that occurs at Twin Oaks, the source of the water treated and why. h. There is a new project called Vista Ridge (you can search for it at the SAWS site). 1) Where does the water come from? 2) How long are the pipes? 3) Check the NEWS and tell me if and when it was completed 4) What are the three crucial reasons provided to substantiate the project? i. (Bonus) What is SAWS definition of a Stage 2 drought restriction? Name four measures that a resident of a household within the water district would have to follow.

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Environmental Influences on Human Health Assignment | Essay Help Services
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