Environmental Ethics, Paper one: Summary and Analysis.

Paper instructions

This assignment will assess your basic knowledge and use of flowcharts. While there are a number of different symbols to support building a flowchart, use the attached basic flowchart symbols.

Create a FLOWCHART for each problem below!

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Environmental Ethics, Paper one: Summary and Analysis.
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Use the information below to solve each problem using flowchart symbols to illustrate how you would complete your program. You may use Microsoft PowerPoint® or Microsoft Word ® for your flowchart.
Problem 1: Build a flowchart to solve a simple payroll calculation. Calculate the amount of pay, given hours worked, and hourly rate. (The formula to calculate payroll is pay = hourly rate * hours worked.) Display hourly rate, hours worked, and pay. ( Do not add any feature such as overtime, bonus, taxes, insurance, … )
Problem 2: Build a flowchart that will calculate the average miles per gallon obtained on a trip. Input the amount of gas used and the number of miles driven. (The formula to calculate miles per gallon is miles per gallon = number of miles driven / amount of gas used. ) Display gas used, miles driven and MPG.
Use your own values to test the flow. The values should not be part of the flowchart. The flowchart is a blue print for any programming language and for a wide range of input values.

Use this site for more information on flowcharts
Flowchart In Programming – https://www.programiz.com/article/flowchart-programming

Environmental Ethics, Paper one: Summary and Analysis.

In the first part of the class we read five articles (Hardin, Stoenescue, Sessions, Robinson, and Burneau). For the first paper, choose the article that you found to be most interesting, and do two things:

First:Summarize the main argument of the article. In doing this, you should state clearly what the author’s main point is, and how they argue for it. This is not the same as summarizing everything in the article – just stick to the main argument. In doing the summary, by sure to put it in your own words, and fully explain any difficult concepts. You should write such that someone who had not read the article would be able to accurately understand what it argued for, and why.

Second: Explain why you found the author’s argumentinteresting. This might be because you thought that their argument was correct, and it made you think of things in a new way, or because you thought their argument was wrong. It could also be some combination of the two. When you’re writing this part of the paper, be sure to engage with the author’s reasons for their conclusion, and not just their conclusion.

Your paper should be about five double-spaced pages long (about 1,500 words). All quotes should be properly cited – using whatever citation method you prefer, but the easiest way is to use in-text author/date citations and a work cited section at the end of the paper.



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