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Analytics Presentation

Now, using your enhanced analytics skills develop a analytics presentation with accompanying data, and business requirements document related to patient satisfaction in any clinical setting. The actual business problem you are solving for should be noted in your Business Requirement Document (which is to be submitted with this assignment). The patient satisfaction problem itself, as well as the requirements you create, is entirely up to your imagination. Feel free to use a current work situation or problem, something topical to something in the news recently related to patient satisfaction (or patient-centered care), or use your imagination. 

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Enhanced analytics skills develop a analytics presentation | Homework Help
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Bottomline here – you are attempting to convince a set of stakeholders that patient satisfaction is moving in some direction (good or bad), and thus something needs to be done. Use your data and presentation to explain your position and evidence-based conclusions.

You are free to create your data in either MS Access or MS Excel (or equivalents thereof, as long as the format can be opened by a Microsoft product using compatible format). If you use Excel, you will need to create 4 different sheets within a single workbook, with each sheet having it’s own set of data. Each sheet should have no fewer than 5 columns of data, and there should be at least 10 rows of fictitious data in the primary sheet (in the example that follows, the 10 rows of data would have to be at least in the Patients sheet).

–An example would be Sheet 1 (named Patients), could have Patient Last Name, Patient First Name, Date of Birth, Patient ID, Patient Sex as the 5 columns. Sheets 2,3,4 would also have their own data and columns. Perhaps Sheet 2 would be named Satisfaction Survey, and have the following fields: Response 12, Response 2, Response 3, Response 4, Response 5; Sheet 3 could be Survey Questions, with column 1 being Question 1 (and the single row of data would be the patient satisfaction question that would appear on the survey itself).

Should you elect the easier route and create a database, please use MS Access, and have at least 4 tables. Each table should have no fewer than 5 fields to capture data related to solving for or reporting on your stated business problem. Be sure to use a primary key and hopefully (but not necessary) 1 foreign keys to relate the tables and assure some level of referential integrity.

With the data that you have developed in your Excel or Access file, create a series of charts or graphs that answer the question you define in your scope statement of your Business Requirements Definition. Have at least 5 slides in your presentation, not including your cover sheet or end (e.g., Question or Next Steps) slide. Try not to make your presentation word.  Use at least 30 points font for text (except in charts or graphs), and try to make your point with graphics.  Use text only to support the position that your data is making. Also, make use of highlights or callout boxes for your charts or graphs to draw your reader’s attention to the point you are making in certain or notable data points.


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