English Question | Excelling Homework

We have discussed the personal meanings of art, as well as our individual approach to viewing and interpreting art. Spend time looking thru your textbook. Choose ONE piece of art that you (given the opportunity) would like to OWN and live with on a daily basis in your home. This could be a painting, a piece of architecture, a sculpture…any kind of art. I am NOT asking what you would like to have to sell and make loads of money. Instead, I am asking what you would like to actually have in your home; to look at and experience every single day. Please take the time to really consider this question. I am asking your opinion, but you need to be able to explain/defend your view.
Here is what I am looking for:
Use proper college level paper formatting including heading and double spacing. 700 words minimum
Intro paragraph: Tell me the work you chose. Include the artist’s name, title of the work, date of the work, materials used, and the exact page number where you found the work. The artwork HAS TO BE IN OUR TEXTBOOK. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is part of the question/assignment.
Paragraph two: Tell me why you respond to this specific work of art. Do you respond to the colors, or maybe the content, or the use of texture? Be specific.
Paragraph three: Explain why you desire to have this specific work of art in your home. You can like something, but it is different than wanting to experience it everyday.
Conclusion paragraph: Tell me where you would place the work and why. For example, would you want it near the entrance to your home for everyone to see, or perhaps in your bedroom where it would be more private/personal.
Submit your work as a Word doc or pdf.

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English Question | Excelling Homework
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