ENG 120 Cuyamaca College Wes Moore Rhodes Scholar Reflective Paper i need essay about the other wess and more i will attach to you the same paper that you

ENG 120 Cuyamaca College Wes Moore Rhodes Scholar Reflective Paper i need essay about the other wess and more i will attach to you the same paper that you did last time you need to introduce each quote and after the introduce write the quote and after that explain it do that with each quote .please make it sample not complected and clear also the hook must be not from the internet should be from the novel or other souces Thesis: The main factors that led the two boys to lead different lives are educational
opportunities, family support, different perspectives, and an overabundance and lack of GRIT.
Body Paragraph One:
Topic Sentence 1: Both Wes Moor’s lead different lives because they had varying educational
Quote 1: (from the book) “My mother decided soon after our move to the Bronx that I was not
going to public
school. She wasn’t a snob, she was scared. My mother was a graduate of the public
school system in New York herself, and the daughter of a public-school teacher in the
same system” (Moore, 41).
Quote 2: (from NAIS) “Those who think they have this gift expect to sit there with it and be
successful. When they aren’t successful, they get defensive and demoralized, and often opt out.
Those who don’t think they have the gift also become defensive and demoralized, and often opt
out as well” (Dweck, 2008)
Quote 3: (from Humans of New York) “I was studying landscape architecture at Penn State
and dealing drugs on the side. At the age of twenty, I got arrested with a quarter pound of
mushrooms and a pound of marijuana”
Body Paragraph 2:
Topic Sentence 2: The Wes Moore that because a graduate student was successful because
he had family support while the other Wes Moore did not have a strong family connection.
Quote 1: (from the book) “Late into the night, my mother would
come in from her last job and walk straight to our bedroom, pull the covers tight around
us, and give my sister and me our kiss good night. The smell of her perfume would wake
me as soon as she walked in, and then comfort me back to sleep” (Moore, 43).
Quote 2: (from Humans of New York) “My dad couldn’t handle me. My mother was an
alcoholic, so he raised us on his own. I burned our house to the ground when I was four years
Quote 3: (from Ted Talk) “Dr. Dweck has shown that when kids read and learn about the
brain and how it changes and grows in response to challenge, they’re much more likely to
persevere when they fail, because they don’t believe that failure is a permanent condition”
(5:02-5:09). (This connects because the one of the main reasons that the Wes Moore that did
not go to prison became successful was his mother pushed him to read, which allowed him to
learn and challenge himself).
Body Paragraph 3:
Topic Sentence 3: The boys had differing perspectives on their future, which is why they ended
up leading very different lives.
Quote 1: (from the book) “What changed was that I
found myself surrounded by people—starting with my mom, grandparents, uncles,
and aunts, and leading to a string of wonderful role models and mentors—who kept
pushing me to see more than what was directly in front of me, to see the boundless
possibilities of the wider world and the unexplored possibilities within myself” (Moore, 146).
Quote 2: (Humans of New York) “He’s always so happy and optimistic. And I don’t know how
he stays so positive. Because I’m getting out of here in 40 months. He’s doing life”
Quote 3: (Brainology) “More and more research is showing there is one thing that sets the great
successes apart from their equally talented peers — how hard they’ve worked”
Body Paragraph 4:
Topic Sentence 4:
The reason that both Wes Moore’s lives were so different is because one of them had more Grit
and motivation to succeed.
Quote 1: (from the book)
“but Wes sat up, staring out the window, wondering about the next few months. He’d been assured
during his interview that he would be allowed to return home every weekend if he chose to, and
could make a few calls during the week” (Moore, 112).
Quote 2: (Brainology) “How should we praise our students? How should we reassure them? By
focusing them on the process they engaged in — their effort, their strategies, their concentration,
their perseverance, or their improvement”
Quote 3: (Ted Talk) “Turns out that grittier kids were significantly more likely to graduate, even
when I matched them on every characteristic I could measure, things like family income,
standardized achievement test scores, even how safe kids felt when they were at school. So it’s not
just at West Point or the National Spelling Bee that grit matters. It’s also in school, especially for
kids at risk for dropping out” (3:19 to 4:00)

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ENG 120 Cuyamaca College Wes Moore Rhodes Scholar Reflective Paper i need essay about the other wess and more i will attach to you the same paper that you
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