ENC 3250 University of South Florida Claim Denial, Adjustment & Sales Letters Exercise Paper FYI (my company is attached below and well as my letter head)

ENC 3250 University of South Florida Claim Denial, Adjustment & Sales Letters Exercise Paper FYI (my company is attached below and well as my letter head) DUE at 11:59pm eastern time(june 3)

Claim denial letter. This will reject some claim made by a customer or client. Tone is very important, and the difficulty of the communication is being firm about denying the claim and still retaining the relationship with the customer or client. It’s actually rather difficult to do.

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ENC 3250 University of South Florida Claim Denial, Adjustment & Sales Letters Exercise Paper FYI (my company is attached below and well as my letter head)
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Adjustment letter. This letter will accommodate some or all of a customer complaint. It is less difficult than denying a claim, but care is required in keeping the letter focused on the case at hand, without admitting a more general responsibility.

Sales letter to a former customer or client, attempting to recover their business. This is apt to be more fruitful than “cold calls” on people who have never done business with you.

This module emphasizes the importance of tone. Denying a claim requires firmness but must be done with care, since you wish to retain the customer. Attempting to win back a former client requires a special tone, since the client must have some specific reason for not having returned—which can be important information itself. HICo
(Letter Addressed to Subordinate)
Rivera Claudio,
Chief Information Officer,
25 Dolphin Way Rd, Suite 120,
Way, F1, 30001,
June 1st, 2020
Dear Alvarez,
I would like to congratulate you on your exceptional input during the preparations and the
drawing of the plans for our ambitious project. Your designs and professional opinion before and during
the course of the project have proven to be invaluable. The team of analysts and developers say that your
designs are some of the best they have seen and have made their work smoother and easier. I was
particularly impressed by the level of commitment and diligence you displayed in the hours and effort
you put in in the drawing of those designs. Your designs have been and continue to be key in any further
advancement and next steps forward that will be made by the company in this project. Thank you for the
exceptional nature of how you went about your task and your sustained efforts to make this company
Yours Sincerely,
Chief Information Officer,
Rivera Claudio.
Memos Addressed to Supervisor and Subordinate
Nashaly Rivera -Claudio
Healthcare Informatics Company
May 31st ,2020
Date: June 1st 2020
Chief Financial Officer
From: Chief Information Officer
Subject: Follow-up on the Development of Vitals Monitoring Software Upgrades
We have been in the process of developing software upgrades for the company’s mobile
applications that monitor patient’s vitals while under clinical care during treatment. We have made
significant process and breakthroughs since this project was commissioned with the aim of the provision
of better healthcare solutions to our customers through our mobile solutions. The software upgrades are
intended to offer more interactive tools and options for our range of mobile solutions. They also aim to
eliminate some of the problems that were recurrent in the use of previous software. The upgrades are
also meant to make our technology easier to use for even people with basic technical expertise.
In order to successfully accomplish this task, I would like to inquire about certain issues for
clarification. Firstly, I would like to inquire as to the exact date by which these upgrades should be
completely developed so as to allow the development team of software analysts and developers to meet
the deadline. Also, I would like to inquire if there are any other specifications that require to be tailored
in the software upgrades to allow us to come up with the best software upgrade we can for our esteemed
customers. Finally, I would like to know when you might be available, at your convenience, to view a
demonstration of what the company’s developers have come up with so far. Thank you. I will keep you
Chief Information Officer,
Rivera Claudio.
Date: June 1st 2020
Software Analyst Director
From: Chief Information Officer
Subject: Documentation of Directive for the Development of Software Upgrades
The software analyst and app developer’s team were tasked by the company to undertake in the
development of software upgrades for our range of mobile sections, in order to improve our healthcare
service provision for our customers and users of our technology. Your team has made tremendous
progress and has come a long way since the conception and subsequent commissioning of this project.
The directive was passed on to you to come up with the best possible results in track with our company
mission and our vision for the advancement of better healthcare.
In line with this directive, I would like to pass on additional information that is useful to your
team as they undertake this project. As per the specifications provided in a meeting of company heads,
the upgrades should be ready and fully functional within three months from today on September 1st,
2020. By this period, the upgrades should be integrated with our technology and ready for launch. Also,
the equipment that you requested should be arriving and availed to you by the end of this week. If any
more assistance and clarification is needed, feel free to contact me. Thank you.
Chief Information Officer,
Rivera Claudio
[Rivera-Claudio Assignment 1] 1
Nashaly Rivera-Claudio
Professor Ulrich
ENC 3250
May 24th ,2020
Healthcare Informatics Company (HICo.)
The company will offer efficient mobile application solutions that will promote
accessibility of healthcare services by enhancing patient outreach programs in the
community. The company will focus on integrating different healthcare informatics
technologies from different elements that constitute the healthcare sector. The company shall
develop mobile applications that will monitor vital signs in patients under clinical care during
treatment. Moreover, the technology and mobile application solutions will focus on
leveraging Internet-of-Things technology as well as secure wide area network protocols to
improve healthcare delivery and patient status during treatment by monitoring a patient’s
vital signs from anywhere.
The mobile applications will improve the entire patient-healthcare professional
relationship with services consisting of 24/7 appointment booking and scheduling, all time
round vital sign monitoring, emergency notification alerts when an abnormal vital sign is
recorded, and peer-to-peer patient-provider communication. The company attempts to
enhance the use of technology in the healthcare sector to promote accessibility of healthcare
[Rivera-Claudio Assignment 1] 2
Job Descriptions
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The company will contain different job positions for various employees. The strategic
management level will be made up of the CEO, who will supervise and coordinate all
business and strategic objectives of the company. The CEO will also set a proper strategic
vision and direction for success. The CEO will also communicate with the Board of Directors
as well as management team on strategic and business operations. The requirements of the
CEO will include good communication skills, creative, team leader, and can resolve conflicts
in the work place. The CEO should hold a minimum of a master’s degree in business
administration and at least ten years of experience in management level for a software
company or any large company (Jain & Yadav, 2017).
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
The CFO will be reporting to the CEO. The responsibilities of the CFO will include
helping the CEO in coming up with a strategic direction so as to realize the company’s
vision. The CFO will also create, control, and asses the company’s financial control and
auxiliary information systems, reporting financial position, and financial planning and
activities to the CEO and the board of directors. Moreover, ensure that the company’s
insurance coverage is adequate.
The CFO is required to develop or possess communication skills, collaboration skills,
as well as relationship skills. Moreover, the CFO should have attained a Master’s or
Bachelor’s Degree in economics, finance, or accounting, and has at least ten years’
experience in managing a team in a large division or company. The CFO should be able to
interact with all employees in the company, regardless of their level (AESC, 2015).
[Rivera-Claudio Assignment 1] 3
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
The CIO will be responsible for managing the development and assessment of
software solutions and applications. The CFO will also manage the documentation of
software applications. The position will also involve researching and establishing best design
principles for healthcare related technology. Furthermore, the CFO will supervise team
meetings on projects as well as oversee their progress.
The requirements of a CFO will entail a minimum of a Master’s Degree in
Technology-related field, or business administration with substantial experience in
information technology (IT) market. Significant past experience in the healthcare sector.
Demonstrated knowledge on how IT can be used in the healthcare sector. They are required
to have broad technical skills and knowledge as well as broad understanding in current trends
in telecommunication and computing and emergent technologies. They should also have at
least ten years’ experience in managing a team in a company, and can interact with all
employees in the company, regardless of their level, especially in a team setting (HIMSS,
2019, p29).
Software Analyst/ Application Developer
The job position will be responsible for carrying out research on healthcare
informatics needs in various healthcare settings. They will take part in formulating software
solutions to address identified healthcare informatics issues. Furthermore, they will program
and assess the technical performance, usability, and application efficiency of a software
product as well as develop and maintain design scripts and documentation for application
evolution phase. They will have to actively take part and lead a team.
[Rivera-Claudio Assignment 1] 4
The requirements of the job position include a bachelor’s degree in technology related
field, whereby expertise in application development on various development platforms and a
minimum of three years’ experience in a healthcare setting will be an added advantage. They
should have knowledge in current computing trends and emergent trends. They should have
good communication skills as well as perfect interpersonal skills (HIMSS, 2019, p5).
Mission Statement
Mission Statement: To optimize patient outreach and community health status by providing
innovative healthcare information technology solutions.
[Rivera-Claudio Assignment 1] 5
AESC. Expert Q&A: Inside the CFO Role. Association of Executive Search and Leadership
Consultants, 2015, https://www.aesc.org/sites/default/files/uploads/documents2015/2015-AESC-CFO-Role-Executive-Search_0.pdf. Accessed 25 May 2020.
HIMSS. Health Information and Technology Job Descriptions. Healthcare Information and
Management Systems Society, 2019,
https://www.himss.org/sites/hde/files/media/file/2020/01/30/health-it-jobdescriptions.pdf. Accessed 25 May 2020.
Jain, Esha, and Yadav, Ashank. “Making of a CEO: Study of the successful CEO’S globally
who and what are CEO’S.” Journal of Business and Management, vol. 19, no.5, 2017,
pp. 54-59

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