Emily Dickinson

Paper instructions

Write a short paper analyzing one of the poems from C.3, C.5, C.6, C.4,C.2 expresses deep feeling. What feeling is being expressed and how? What makes it “deep” (especially powerful) in the poem?

Note: Feeling can be an emotion (love), a sense (touch), or a sensation (hot, tired, drunk, etc).

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Emily Dickinson
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You may want to consider some or all of the following questions in analyzing the poem:
Is the feeling associated with a particular person—a “she” or “I” or “you”? Or is it described without reference to someone, but as an idea or a state of being?
Is metaphor used to describe the feeling? If so, what meaning is borrowed from the figure of speech to describe the feeling?

Does the sound of particular words or the rhythm of lines work to express the feeling?

Where does the poem begin and end—does this tell you something about the feeling?

How do the breaks and connections between lines and stanzas develop the sense of the feeling?

Present a clearly supported argument. Revise and proofread your paper with care. This is a chance of fully work thorough your idea.


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