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In the medical office, you will need to create different types of letters and correspondences to communicate with your patients. Memorandums (memos), agendas, and business letters are some of the types of correspondences you may create. As a healthcare provider, it is important that the information in those correspondences is accurate, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and clear. You will need to create letters for patients who missed appointments, to reschedule and cancel appointments if you cannot reach the patient by telephone, to give instructions for pending lab tests and for specialty procedures and minor surgeries, and to provide termination of cases. You will also need to create correspondences for upcoming staff meetings, for changes that would be occurring in your workplace, and for upcoming events for staff and patients. Remember to sign all business letters with a handwritten signature when you are working in an ambulatory care setting.

Review the following components of a business letter:

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Electronic Health Records and Medical Office Procedures | Homework Help
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Body of letter

Complimentary Closing

Copy notation

Date line

Enclosure notation

Keyed Signature

Line address

Post scripts

Reference initials


Subject line

Full block, modified block (standard), modified block (indented), and simplified are the most common styles of business letters. Short letters usually have 2 inch margins, medium letters usually have 1.5 inches, and long letters usually have 1 inch margins on all four sides.

Download the following attachment and view samples of correspondences that you could create in your workplace. Then type a memo for your staff indicating changes that will occur in the workplace. Then type an agenda for an upcoming staff meeting and a full block letter to a patient on any subject you like. Do not forget to include a letterhead. Download the following examples and use as a guide to complete this assignment.

Business Correspondence in the Medical Office.docx


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