Electoral Colleges

Paper instructions

The 2000 and 2016 Presidential elections and the current case the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to
hear has brought renewed attention to the already controversial electoral college.
1. Please introduce the purpose of your essay.
2. Briefly and fully describe the electoral college. Please include and explain the specific number of
electors: representing the states and Washington D.C.; and what numbers are required to win the
3. Please describe and explain, at least, (2) pros and (2) cons of the electoral college.
4. If you could improve the electoral college; please choose to either abolish or reform the system.
Please provide two scholarly arguments and then present your two reasons why you would
reform the electoral college and explain why your reforms would create a more democratic
electoral college? If you choose to abolish the electoral college, specifically explain which voting
system would replace it and 2 reasons why your voting system would create a more representative
presidential election. Please provide sourced arguments both pro and con to support your position
to reform or abolish the electoral college.

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Electoral Colleges
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