Elasticity of the demand for healthcare | Homework Help

Elasticity of the demand for healthcare

Microeconomics Course Project
The research project will require you to find economic data for a specific topic, to perform a literature review, and to summarize your findings in a written report.
1. Elasticity of the demand for healthcare

the report should consist of the following parts:

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Elasticity of the demand for healthcare | Homework Help
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Title page (your name, course, topic of your paper)
Introduction (clearly stated thesis ? main objective of your research)
The body (all your literature review, analysis and support)
The conclusion (recaps the thesis statement and the paper’s main points)
As with any report or project for a university course, you should edit your report at least once before submitting it for grading to eliminate contents errors, grammar and spelling errors, and awkward writing. All members of the group should read the final draft of the project, approve it before it is submitted, and sign their name on the title page. If there is group member who has made no contribution to the project, the instructor should be informed and that student’s name not included in the report.

If tables or graphs are attached at the back, then the main body of the report should include correct references to page numbers and figures.

Sources used for information or data should be described and adequate references for these sources given. Material taken from references must be summarized in one’s own words. Students should be aware of issues of plagiarism in copying and pasting” information. Students also should be aware Wikipedia is not a reliable source and should not be used to write an academic paper.

The bibliography should begin on a separate page at the end of the essay. The bibliography should list all material which has informed the content of the essay.

this paper should be about the health care in saudi arabia. yes it can be in general at some points but mainly focusing on saudi arabia.


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