Economy Assignment


A policy briefing notepresents a concise summary of information that can help readers quickly understand, and likelymake decisions about, government policies.The typical policy briefing note will include:•A brief description of the issue at hand for which the decision is required•A brief summary of the state of the evidence/theoryon the issue•The options considered and the rationale behind these options•RecommendationsYou are encouraged to use the models we have studied in class to motivate your description, options and recommendations, but DO NOTexplicitlyrefer to them or include them in your policybriefing note. Also EXCLUDEall mathematical calculations.You can use terms like “comparative advantage” without definition.We haven’t talked much about empirical evidence on the models we have considered, so I do not expect you to include empirical evidence in your response. If you want to include it, however, you are welcome to use any articles you think are relevant as long as you cite themappropriatelyand include a Reference list (Bibliography) at the end of the note.Grading: •Introduction (overview and recommendation) -7 points max•Analysis and Application of Course Concepts (thoughtful and complete) –33 points max•Structure (order and transition between main points & Closing) –5 points max•Style, Tone, Grammar & Format (clear and appropriate style for the audience) –5 points max

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Economy Assignment
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