Economics For Managers Discussion

MSc Economics For Managers Discussion Resubmission Questions

Write a 1,500 word response to each discussion question below (these are the questions set for each discussion forum in the MSc Economics For Managers module). You must ensure that each question is submitted in a Word document of its own and submitted with an Academic Integrity Statement.

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Economics For Managers Discussion
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You must make sure that you answer the question asked for each of the discussions using wider reading and apply your learning to support your answers.  You should not use your or any of your peers’ posts from the Discussion in the module which you are resubmitting to.

Discussion Resubmission Grading Criteria:

The grading criteria that will be applied to your discussion resubmission work is as follows:

Relevance of Posting Understanding Application
33.3% 33.3% 33.3%
0% no relevance 0% no understanding 0% no application of learning or work experience
1-50% limited relevance or word count 1-50% some understanding 1-50% some application of learning or work experience
51-100% relevant posting 51-100% good understanding 51-100% good application of learning or work experience



Question 1 (Unit 1 / 2 Discussion)

You should discuss the managerial issues raised in the following case studies (please consult the Unit 1 & 2 Discussion Forum in the EFM module on Moodle)

Your response should be 1,500 words in total


Question 3 (Unit 7 /8 Discussion)

“ …. there is not an economic rationale for either “big” or “small” government, per se. It is not so much the size of government as what government does with its spending, transfer, tax, and regulatory policies that affects economic efficiency and growth.”

Marc Labonte  (2010) The Size and Role of Government:  Economic Issues Congressional Research Service RL32162

Discuss this view. Your response should be 1,500 words in total.


Question 4 (Unit 9/10 Discussion)

“British businesses value free trade with other European nations, but are more likely to be sceptical or unsure about whether the current level of integration in the European Union (EU) is beneficial to their company’s prospects.”  British Chambers of Commerce Survey June 2012

“8 out of 10 firms say UK must stay in EU  … fearing an exit would affect access to trading markets and business investment, leaving the UK less competitive…. But firms do want to see the relationship reformed.” CBI/YouGov survey 12th September 2013

Write a 1,500 word response discussing the view that the UK would actually benefit from less integration with the EU.



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