E1 Individual Brainstorm and Pre-write (50) eng 101 sgc


To prepare for your first brilliant essay let’s start with the basics.  Outlines Mind maps  Tree diagrams Freewriting Other ideas?   Broadly, the topic is the American dream.    Start by brainstorming concepts that come to mind when you consider the phrase the American Dream with regard to current events. Maybe the American Dream is a new idea for you, maybe it is something you grew up with. Maybe your focus would be the Mexican Dream or the California Dream or the Bahamian Dream in contrast to the American Dream.   Have a good grasp on your own interpretation of how the concept of the American Dream is relevant to the current event(s) you have selected. This will come as a result of thorough brainstorming.  Once you have completed a few different methods of brainstorming, select two that have good detail and upload them here.

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E1 Individual Brainstorm and Pre-write (50) eng 101 sgc
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